Boy, do I wish I’d known about this site when I was working in a library.  It is called Order in the Library.  It is perfect for helping younger students learn about how books are sorted and classified by type, and it helps older students practice shelving alphabetically and by Dewey.

The game has 11 levels beginning with your basic sorting as seen below:

Then, it moves on to shelving alphabetically; see Level 4 “Alphabet Genius” below:

Level 11 “Dewey Master of the Universe” even gave me a challenge!  Take a look:

Fun extras… When you sign-in to play, you get to pick an animal avatar for yourself.  Aren’t they cute!

As a matter of caution, I would probably have students sign-in using only first name and last initial.  There probably isn’t any danger from this site, but what a great teachable moment for considering how much personal information one shares in an online environment.

The site is available in Spanish as well and offers a tutorial explaining the shelving process.  However, I think a personal lesson from the library teacher may be more meaningful for most students… still, multiple methods for our diverse students is always a plus, and the tutorial can be a good reference tool for players mid-game too.

Let the games begin!